May 26 – God is Holy: Supplication

Every Friday, Growing in the Gospel will feature a theme we are focusing on as a church for the current month. 

May’s Focus: God is Holy (God is special, and distinctly pure)

This week’s emphasis: Supplication

Read: Isaiah 6, Matthew 6:9-10


What was Isaiah’s reaction when he saw God?

What are we asking when we pray “hallowed be your name”?

Jesus told the disciples to pray for God’s kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven. What would it look like for the scene in Isaiah to manifest itself in our daily lives here on earth?


Ask God for his name to be regarded as holy.

Ask God to give us the grace to make his holiness known with our lives.


Additional Reading: Revelation 4


Author: beckilinn

I love Jesus, @ericjohnwatson, and my jobs: Consultant/Designer for The iSET Group; Office Manager/Children's Ministry for @wpbible

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