Coming Soon: Growing in the Gospel: Ephesians

As a pastor, one of my key responsibilities, and indeed the mission of the whole church, is to make disciples of Jesus. Making disciples includes includes evangelism -sharing the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection and calling people to repentance and faith – and discipleship – helping believers grow in their faith, move from spiritual immaturity to maturity, grow in the knowledge of God, bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit, and so on.

But how do we grow in our faith? I’ve learned that the answer to this question is complex. I’ve also learned that one of the key elements of spiritual growth is knowledge and application of Scripture. Faith comes from knowledge and knowledge – the kind needed for spiritual maturity – comes from the Word of God, His trustworthy revelation. Knowledge is necessary, but it is not sufficient. Knowledge, by itself, merely puffs up and makes us proud. We need to be both hearers and doers of the Word. The Bible is like a recipe book or a score of music. It is meant to be performed. 

This devotional guide is dedicated to helping its readers understand and apply the Bible. Its method is to provide a short reading and a series of questions, some geared towards observation and some geared towards application. Sometimes it might also include a note on a difficult interpretative question. By God’s grace, as you read, understand, and apply the Scriptures, you will grow in your relationship with the Lord.

In the Fall of 2016 Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship kicked off the devotional guide by walking through the book of Mark. Starting March 6, 2017 we are moving to a new platform – this blog – and a new book: Ephesians. If you go to Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship you’ll have the added benefit of the Friday and Saturday devotions which connect to the other elements of church life. Friday’s devotional is tied to our children ministry “big idea” (though it is still profitable for adults) and Saturday’s devotional is a preview for Sunday’s sermon. Even if you’re not an attender of our church you’re invited to participate as well and I am hopeful that you will find it a profitable devotional guide.

If you want to get daily emails, the most effective way to connect to the devotional, enter your email address in the “follow” section on the right side of the screen. (If you were already signed up for the Mark study, we’ll try to get you signed up for this one automatically so no action is required on your part).

God bless,

Steven Kopp, Pastor, Wyoming Park Bible Fellowship


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